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Friendship Hotel Hangzhou has been working hard for more than 20 years, and has sublimated the well-known brand of Friendship in the inheritance of history and culture, and has won the honor of Hangzhou Top Ten Star Hotel for many years.

The hotel is strategically located on Pinghai Road in the bustling city center, next to Hubin Road Pedestrian Street, only 500 meters away from West Lake. The surrounding large shopping centers such as Hubin Famous Street, Nanshan Road Characteristic Cultural Street, Lakeside Intime 77, Gonglian Building are for you The ideal place for leisure shopping beside West Lake.

The hotel's main building is near the West Lake high-rise building, and the night lights are charming, which is a beautiful scenery by the West Lake. The hotel has all kinds of exquisite, elegant and comfortable rooms, with unique West Lake panoramic rooms, which can enjoy different West Lake scenery in a comfortable and private space. The hotel has a variety of restaurants in China, the West, Japan and Hong Kong, covering various consumption levels such as high, middle and low. It has been well received and recognized by guests. It has been selected as the TOP50 restaurant in Hangzhou. Known as the "Pearl on the Top", the West Lake Revolving Restaurant can be rotated 360 degrees to enjoy the panoramic view of the West Lake and the city view. Dining here is relaxing and enjoyable. The Huyue Kaiseki restaurant on the 18th floor is one of the few high-end Japanese restaurants in Hangzhou. You can enjoy the authentic cuisine of Hangzhou while enjoying the scenery of the lake. Youji Chinese Restaurant on the second floor offers high-end and exquisite Hangzhou dishes and creative dishes, while Pinghai 53 Tea Restaurant on the first floor offers exquisite Hong Kong-style dishes and dim sum, making people linger. In addition, there are three Japanese-style restaurants: the legendary ramen from Japan-Nakagawa Dora noodles, Chiba Okinawa cuisine advocating health, beauty, and longevity, and Japanese-style special noodle dishes that are as warm as mother's kitchens-Mikaya.

"Remember Jiangnan, the most reminiscent of the West Lake; enjoy the lake view, alone and friendly." Friendship Hotel Hangzhou, with its meticulous and personalized caring service, will make you feel warm and friendly, and enjoy a comfortable business travel life.
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  • allywong421
    Central location, easily accessible from near Lake, good breakfast view is
  • Sprina
    Room rose from 5 to 11 (well. shopping are convenient to eat around the hotel, away from the Lake, is the parking will be charged 20 Yuan a day. overall satisfaction.
  • ddalone
    Although some old, but good location, Metro station is also very near, more convenient transportation, and also a lot of places to eat nearby, next time you come or will choose to stay.
  • linglc
    The room was so small, level of equipment to offer antique, bed next to the window, is not used.
  • liudongyutw
    Very satisfied, very good hotel ... ... ... ...
  • laneliu78
    This newly renovated business rooms, feeling a little disappointed, flushing can not adjust the position of the Washlet, a bath no shower, can only stand in the tub washing, don't know if it's 17/f relationship, water is relatively small, and leaking from the front of the tub, make toilet wet clip-clop, but breakfast is always good, the service is also very good
  • Jason2
    Good location, walk to West Lake are less than 10 minutes, very close to the Metro, breakfast was great, but facilities are old, fitness equipment is old and small
  • tang0706
    Second stay at. good location, wherever convenient. health is also good, because it is a old hotel, bathroom is too small. the revolving restaurant also very good in the morning. overall is good, recommended occupancy.
  • olina22
    The location was excellent, rooms, service or enthusiasm, but programmatic work, breakfast is going on. just one night only ... but still very clean.
  • lanoot
    Breakfast very good!
  • lntitan
    Transportation is very convenient, close to the commercial area
  • annanugwom
    Nice surroundings, great room.
  • mawuyou
    Room so-so, breakfast restaurant good you can see the whole of the West Lake
  • james2800
    Air restaurant good panoramic West Lake is very like
  • newptc
    Good room service, buffet breakfast is served in a wide variety, but fruit is not fresh today.
  • c79889802
    Room is small, good, but to be clean. credit card authorization and settlement was wrong, bad management.
  • gillian
    Hotel is old, but location and service were very good, very convenient.
  • gongxiaobin
    Room was very comfortable, very close to the West Lake scenic area, opposite the hotel is the Metro very convenient. breakfast was excellent.
  • smusmu
    Hotel in away from Lake two a traffic lights 10 minutes walk of away, directly arrived of is Lake lakeside terminal, cruise of total site, around is downtown, eating convenience shop are has, near Lake direction also has silver Thai Mall, famous of know taste views. hotel belongs to old hotel but facilities after decoration also line, is overall pattern vintage, should is at around best of hotel. front desk service is good, not like song ages love hotel of service attitude poor. room health clean, bathroom too small,Should is when pattern is such's! hotel for I two between are free upgrade for Lake King room, can see Lake slightly far one points just, has meet. hotel of breakfast in 20 floor revolving restaurant, can directly see Lake, breakfast varieties more, dish products rich, environment good, at because breakfast is Rod integrated other factors selected of the hotel. Since driving tour car day received 20 parking fee, seems to Hangzhou urban parking are is tension, charges high, and field car into Lake scenic limited,. GeneralSatisfied, when you also consider staying.
  • cjx567
    Breakfast is very good! revolving restaurant as well as salmon-West Lake-very convenient
  • amocat
    It's OK, like revolving restaurant
    Very good
  • foxlei
    Family stay, although I did not go, but what they are saying, good.
  • butliu
    The Friendship Hotel Hangzhou is a great hotel to stay for a short trip like I did. The rooms are clean, but the furniture is already pretty old. However, it is still comfortable for staying some days, but I would try to get a newer room if I had stayed there longer. It is important to know that there will be traffic noise (potentially in all rooms) during the entire night. Im a good sleeper so it didnt hurt me, but if you have a light sleep, be aware of that. The service is very good, even though the staff speaks only very limited English. Even telling the taxi driver to give me a receipt for the drive, seemed not possible to the concierge (since he did not understand me). On the other side they seem very flexible. I got a room with lake view, even though I didnt ordered one, which was great. Most of the stuff is friendly and helpful. The breakfast is very good with a nice selection of all food you could even imagine. Asian and Western food is available. Despite the very good food, the best thing about the breakfast is the location of the breakfast room, which is in the highest floor of the hotel. You have phenomenal view on the west lake, while the breakfast room slowly rotates. Plan your time for the breakfast accordingly, its worth to enjoy it. Finally, the location of the hotel is great and in walking distance to the west lake and one of the scenic boat wharfs. Bus and metro are really close by. You can also take a taxi, but please be aware of two things: (1) as a non-asian customer 3 out of 4 taxi drives try to cheat on you. They will not use a taxi meter (even though they have one) and charge you a higher price. They do not speak english, so it is basically impossible to discuss. Most trips they charged 50 RMB, which was still fine for me. (2) There are basically no taxis you can get at famous sights. Best strategy for me was to buy an IC Transportation Card (metro, bus, etc.) and take a bus. You can buy it at almost every metro or railway station.
  • Ai2010doudou
  • janenine
    Very good location
  • Small Can Oo oO
    Old bathroom equipment! room types vary, and differentiated on the picture!
    Help colleagues book, next time can stay, there should be no major problems
  • bluecx7565
    Nice hotel, main location is excellent, across the room in the evening found that television is bad, call the front desk for a free upgrade of the room, good morning hotel breakfast is very high
  • ag316
    Friendly hotel of location than better, traffic convenient, Metro Line 1 line longxiangqiao station of D2 export diagonally across the is, away from Lake also compared near, walk more than 10 minutes on can arrived, hotel of door has bus station, out convenience. compared like Hotel 20 floor revolving restaurant of self breakfast, we can side dinner side ornamental landscape, mood refreshed, hotel of staff quality good, will kind of greeted. we check out Shi forgotten has a article pants in room, total Taiwan Miss timely electricContact us, we have been in the taxi, the waiter immediately brought us out of the door, and service quality really good! is recommended for everyone, we will come in the future!
  • angww
    Good service, from the Lake near
  • a512654550
    First-class service, first-class restaurant breakfast. is already the second time, and is my preferred to Hangzhou, again by the end of this month, wants to continue to receive first-class service.
  • lincong67
    General environment, in-house facilities for older ... ...
  • Amélie
    Hotel facilities General, somewhat old has, after all is old hotel has, but hotel of reception, health, service and revolving restaurant of self breakfast also is is? of, hotel of location good, around of traffic very convenience, didn't car or worried road blocking of can directly ride train high-speed rail to Hangzhou station, again took Metro to longxiangqiao Metro station Xia, go to hotel about 10 minutes, around of 4,7, bus direct scenic and street
  • DanielLin
    Have a room you should find account manager for
  • gaoligaoxing
    Our way of life is, indeed, we all have similar good place lol
  • anderson6788
    Overall OK, rooms are small, service is good, around the very good location
  • caicom98
    Which is very nice
  • gemini2007
    Hall taste unpleasant
  • snowpr
    Nice HA! is worth living.
  • LLL8088
    Very close to the Lake, nice
  • linyong0531
    Location is near the West Lake, the overall feel a bit old
  • ericlu1985
    Easily accessible, large room, clean!
  • mirror_tian
    Online, a lot cheaper, and ate breakfast, highly recommended
  • e01208355
    Location good praise cafeteria restaurant
  • lovelywinter
    Buffet is very good, hotel is near the Lake. is the facility is a bit old
  • dianac
    Convenient, breakfast was good
  • Amyyang96330
    Rooms at many times, convenient, Lake went five minutes, meals are convenient, breakfast is to highlight
  • galengan
    It's not bad
  • andymi2010
    Live several times, and friendly is always tricky, lake view rooms facing the Lake, the scenery is absolutely first-rate. revolving restaurant breakfast very nice, absolute beauty combined with cuisine to try. hotel rooms drinking and offers a variety of pillows was the highlight of the hotel.