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Friendship Hotel Hangzhou (Youhao Fandian) puts guests within easy reach of West Lake's shimmering waters. Amenities include TV, IDD phones, mini bars and air-conditioning, and select rooms offer great views of West Lake. The Revolving Restaurant on the 20th floor serves delicious Western and Southeast Asian cuisine with panoramic lake views. Two Chinese restaurants serves Chinese cuisine and Hong Kong...More Details>>

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  • gaoligaoxing
    Our way of life is, indeed, we all have similar good place lol
  • binglianaoxue
    Located in the Lake, City Center, easily accessed, it is worth mentioning that revolving restaurant is definitely worth a try.
  • leonnieren
    This is my preferred hotel, Hangzhou, both in geography. hotel facilities, breakfast is very good drops. in particular can be condescending while having breakfast watching the beautiful panoramic views of the West Lake.
  • amy987
    Friend book, mostly to Lake and revolving restaurant
  • air0398
    Facilities and some old, rooms are a little small but very clean! Facilities, free local telephone, WiFi and so on. Room location is very good, you can see the entire Lake! helped coordinate a 12-layer at the front desk, great! Room service is very good, even the cleaning and greets to help guests. Absolute live, live!
  • e00023923
    Hotel location is very good, from Line 1 metro station is near xixi wetland in Hangzhou East high-speed train station is 30 minutes by car. next place to eat a lot.
  • riteey
    Good lake view, room was a bit small, the layout is not very reasonable! surroundings good! also, reception was generally
  • baoma3100
    Don't want to say anything
  • siusir
    Satisfactory location very good the room is very clean and service was good a good choice
  • fybase
    Location is praise, traffic also convenient, Metro out 3 minutes walk on can arrived, to Lake is 10 minutes within, around Lake CCP, downtown lively, this to just met Shang rain, didn't how out shopping, main on in Lake side Shang see go go eat, we set of is senior double bed, small upgrade to Lake King room, room slightly small, but can see Lake Beauty is is comfortable of things, 20 floor of revolving restaurant with 3 years to of when compared, varieties less has, taste alsoNo yiqian good, especially that pine cake, is for master has Ah? last eat to of and incense and crisp was stunning to, this is this again set friendly hotel of main reason, didn't thought this eat to of is soft soft of, taste far not than last of delicious, alas, really somewhat disappointed does! also has service also no last of good, because is with baby with to of, to shop of when and because rain, shoes somewhat lane wet has, so for good hotel within of slippers Hou on call to customer service letSend baby slippers and get 1 pair of slippers, and results sent to just mutter said slippers are limited, no more, who for no particular reason, so many slippers, also scrambled to eat out!
  • winterteng
    Good location, facilities and of course a little bit old. but no problems with it, Japanese-style management, room may also have temporary use of cell phones, is to model and not a bit old. Most praise was for breakfast, choose reason here in this
  • aidi609
    Breakfast is always bright spot, good location, near to eat more high performance-price ratio
  • aileeen
    Room environment, playing around a lot! now the weather, there are flies 12. health and did not need to say anything now!
  • e03905997
    Room was very small, but the environment is very good, service was good, the traffic is very convenient, was very close to the West Lake, and have the opportunity to go to the West Lake
  • cangtianyuan
    Hotel service was very good and rich breakfast, clean and comfortable!
  • abc60100
    Hotel is good! service also is good! away from Lake also is near, also has a 360 degrees revolving restaurant, somewhat is bad a three mouth to of children this year 8 age also to received breakfast fee. but buffet also is is rich of, also has parking also also to improved day Yuan 20, not said to 20 Yuan, money to didn't how many, is heart somewhat not comfortable, do hotel also to pay parking fee.
  • julius2000
    Room is too warm
  • bartontang
    Close to the West Lake is good
  • tony197410
    Downtown hotel is located in the city center, very close to the subway station, walk 5 minutes to the Lake, travel and shopping are very convenient, breakfast was good, can look at the scenery, and ate.
  • Candy-day
    Hotel location very good lake view room view good night to see musical fountain
  • feng28
    Come out to play with friends, and feels they can still live across the lake view rooms, the hotel free upgrade to Lake view, very sweet, is the device a little old
  • Amélie
    Hotel facilities General, somewhat old has, after all is old hotel has, but hotel of reception, health, service and revolving restaurant of self breakfast also is is? of, hotel of location good, around of traffic very convenience, didn't car or worried road blocking of can directly ride train high-speed rail to Hangzhou station, again took Metro to longxiangqiao Metro station Xia, go to hotel about 10 minutes, around of 4,7, bus direct scenic and street
  • allayom
    Very close to the Lake, shopping is also very convenient, hotel services and facilities are good
  • e01137802
    Hotel services are good, but the room was too small, old facilities, parking needs not included.
    Nice hotel, preferential room bathroom set is too small!
  • fl521xy
    In General!
  • macwind007
    Front desk check-in quicker, feel good.
  • mogamoga
    Very good, love, good environment, good service, good!
  • mawuyou
    Room so-so, breakfast restaurant good you can see the whole of the West Lake
  • uuuuuuu
    Good hotel, parking is 20 Yuan, pit.
  • xupeiwan
    Overall good hotel, good location, very close to the West Lake, the facility is clean, later going to Hangzhou!
  • fs582
    Top buffet very good location, very convenient
  • fangxing718
    Good good good good good good good good good
  • cloudyff
    Leave ten minutes walk from West Lake, is close to the bus station, there are taste also a ten minute walk ... ... Revolving restaurant at the top floor you can enjoy the scenery while having breakfast waiter was good rooms are also equipped with mobile phones can take out domestic calls are free and this is the first time the hotel has the benefit
  • redyla
    This hotel location is OK, very close to the Metro station, below department store, shop and eat more convenient, the room was clean, breakfast good, choose this hotel in future.
  • lipp123456
    It's OK
  • jgong2
    Out of the subway to see the hotel, surrounding lively, room a bit small, but very clean and facilities are justified.
  • feifei1100
    Health service is very good, not far from West Lake, surrounded by dining and shopping convenience, bathroom too small rudimentary.
  • emma203
    Hotel location is very good, just near the West Lake, West Lake went for about 5 minutes. but years longer, old facilities, Hong Kong style tea Cafe downstairs, open until 2 at night, last supper, well, hungry easily at night.
  • falling11
    Must to in revolving restaurant eat breakfast, list Lake panorama, this is Hotel only highlights, can ignored room small facilities General of insufficient, after all land inch gold, hotel provides car rental service is convenient we, hotel to Lake side walk seven or eight minutes, Metro a out on saw hotel has, to airport we select sat airport bus, out hotel right straight line had several path population of opposite is dimension King hotel, walk several minutes, in lobby tickets, is convenient
  • babarsty
    Hangzhou many times, live here, Yes
  • L-wen
    Poor poor poor. completely no language! such of price! so-called of Lake King! has been thought hotel in Lake side! wrong wrong wrong! on in a hospital opposite! room small! toilet small! even bath are turned but body! room Super old is not said! quilt also has taste! for has n times sheets! because since first Zhang sheets on has footprints, then has been for has been dirty! buffet mess of like market as! we eight a people of breakfast, only staying seven a people, actually also to we buy breakfast of volume! nothing's!We spell location table! important! table six seats! we said seven people! let two people! the manager wants us to give another two people together! not speechless you! what logic! one word difference!
  • lyxx555
    Washing machine and free WIFI is great... also able to ratchet check-in and early check-in, has come in handy.
  • jiang_yin
    Very good
  • jcgang
    Good location, very close to the West Lake, the traffic is convenient, subway opposite point, hotel management and facilities good, service very good, room very clean, especially the 20-floor revolving restaurant at the Lake for breakfast, it's out of this world! recommended, next time to stay here.
  • CID1988
    Book problem, deal with it again
  • beloved
    Surroundings are OK, hotel is a little old, dining is the highlight
  • averg
    A bit old
  • bxx183563555
    Saturday day set of day on staying of, to hotel to we upgrade has suite, feel luck bursting has, Lake King room can directly see Lake, especially night is beauty. bathroom also good, revolving restaurant breakfast has invincible Lake King, varieties also also can, enough eat has. hotel on in Lake scenic inside, dinner Hou to Lake side bulk a step, comfortable. General Shang think real super by value, yihou has opportunities also will staying.
  • furilys
    Front desk was an idiot