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Friendship Hotel Hangzhou (Youhao Fandian) puts guests within easy reach of West Lake's shimmering waters. Amenities include TV, IDD phones, mini bars and air-conditioning, and select rooms offer great views of West Lake. The Revolving Restaurant on the 20th floor serves delicious Western and Southeast Asian cuisine with panoramic lake views. Two Chinese restaurants serves Chinese cuisine and Hong Kong...More Details>>

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  • cocoarea
    Very good
  • e02784831
    Environment and location
  • clenjoylife
    Friends say bad room
  • AI Wei
  • mawaya
    Well ... good location, convenience, need to say a little old hotel, but overall is very tidy. service also very good, I feel comfortable. convenience. From the Lake are also close.
  • d02867710
    In this way, certain effects! here! in front of you and then, again,
  • cxjfir
    Hotel is very good
  • bir19871203
    Bed was very comfortable
  • caitou
    Friend book, very nice, very clean, breakfast was good
  • e00860701
    Surrounded by the construction of the place, geography and location is so-so. absence of pineapple room.
  • cancerwj
    The hotel is a Sino-Japanese joint ... and cheap, one of the most cost-effective hotel, Hangzhou
  • dongcscec
    Hotel location really of good, walking to Lake side is convenient, life function is good, price is high, breakfast also is good, type also more, just people dining not heavy ritual, compared noisy, any by children play, waiter kind of stop, also didn't more big role, but roughly Shang, whole hotel of service quality, very good, even clean aunt saw you downstairs, will active help you by Elevator, next to, must also will select here!
  • lenawu43
    Location and service were good, room is a bit small, breakfast is rich to see West Lake, and will come again
  • arwin
    Second times to friendly hotel has, Qian once impression is good, this still so. set of is Lake King room, views is didn't of said, quite beautiful. room is beautiful, also is clean, also has a let people is comfortable of fragrance, is good. room does somewhat small, bathroom also small, but this are matter has, bed is comfortable. stay of when hotel also sent has two Zhang Haagen-Dazs and in the Chuan road ramen of coupons, is value. morning to hotel 20 layer revolving restaurant enjoy has a meal veryGood breakfast, watching the West Lake side dining, it feels pretty awesome. overall is very good, next time will come again.
  • cc0707200082
    Location very good, longxiangqiao subway station walk to! going to the West Lake only two traffic lights. Nice, 598 set earlier by twin double lake view room, free WIFI in room convenient, breakfast quality satisfaction of the mother!
  • yingying2001
    Out of the window you can see a three-minute scenic walk to West Lake
  • angieyangyang
    Last two days of the plenary, nice, just a bit of a traffic jam, breakfast was great, service or high cost, next time will stay, excellent value!
  • fifiben
    Very convenient location to the West Lake as long as 5 minutes from the Metro station close surrounding restaurant crowded next time I go to Hangzhou will travel
  • james021
    Good location, rooms are small, others are satisfied.
  • Morrow
    Location is very good, going to the West Lake, shopping, convenient to the subway
  • e03023190
    Very close to the West Lake, which is very convenient.
  • linjianganlu
    Online some say of UNESCO
  • lc277
    Location very good, 5 minutes to the Lake, not far from the bridge Park. clause or lake view rooms can see West Lake, revolving restaurant for breakfast for the first time, I feel pretty good.
  • yundongluo
    Well, a number of high quality!
  • naxiaoyu
    Traffic very convenient, Hangzhou high-speed rail station directly Line 1 line 8 station directly arrived, probably need 26 minutes, D2 export out diagonally across the is Hotel, hotel opposite is 4th, bus of starting station, to coasts car direct, slightly go 500 meters around, is 7 Road station, Lingyin Temple is direct, to music fountain of road than yiqian wide clean, 496 meters on can arrived, hotel of window can directly see music fountain also has bridge, views very good. has Apple bigOf experience shop also has silver Thai Department store, shopping also very convenient, away from a park on 1 station more some road, grandmother home, green tea are can walk arrived, because accompany elderly to of, lobby of service personnel is intimate of to has close to of two between room, second times staying, with yiqian as of service, feel is comfortable, 20 layer of revolving restaurant views beauty, strongly recommended staying. most main traffic convenient, shopping, dinner, catch high-speed rail are super convenient. oh oh, on has, hotel downstairs, Metro mouthOf opposite has a long up restaurant, business to is late, all is Hangzhou features dish, but Lake vinegar fish eat has not recommended, recommended that 38 of bones soup pot, inside has big bones, vegetables, dry silk, very good, we eat has 3 meal, each meal this are is will points, also has pig tail do of special good, unfortunately photos are in phone Shang has, price also very pro-people, 4 a people basic 200 Yuan around, is need row seat, people poly more, recommends early to.
  • cicybobo
    The traffic is very convenient, eat around a lot, INtime, unions, very close to the Lake
  • jerry22568
    Hotels on the Internet. to Hangzhou to know the hotel formerly known as Sino-Japanese friendship hotel. then it was introduced at the front desk; the Japanese withdrawal. hotel location is OK, just a few minutes away on foot to the West Lake. the hotel breakfast is too expensive, not many varieties.
  • box5583
    Back to breakfast.
  • liuyunct
    Very convenient, just a bit old
  • e00288847
    Good location, good service, good breakfast ... the transportation is very convenient.
  • butliu
    The Friendship Hotel Hangzhou is a great hotel to stay for a short trip like I did. The rooms are clean, but the furniture is already pretty old. However, it is still comfortable for staying some days, but I would try to get a newer room if I had stayed there longer. It is important to know that there will be traffic noise (potentially in all rooms) during the entire night. Im a good sleeper so it didnt hurt me, but if you have a light sleep, be aware of that. The service is very good, even though the staff speaks only very limited English. Even telling the taxi driver to give me a receipt for the drive, seemed not possible to the concierge (since he did not understand me). On the other side they seem very flexible. I got a room with lake view, even though I didnt ordered one, which was great. Most of the stuff is friendly and helpful. The breakfast is very good with a nice selection of all food you could even imagine. Asian and Western food is available. Despite the very good food, the best thing about the breakfast is the location of the breakfast room, which is in the highest floor of the hotel. You have phenomenal view on the west lake, while the breakfast room slowly rotates. Plan your time for the breakfast accordingly, its worth to enjoy it. Finally, the location of the hotel is great and in walking distance to the west lake and one of the scenic boat wharfs. Bus and metro are really close by. You can also take a taxi, but please be aware of two things: (1) as a non-asian customer 3 out of 4 taxi drives try to cheat on you. They will not use a taxi meter (even though they have one) and charge you a higher price. They do not speak english, so it is basically impossible to discuss. Most trips they charged 50 RMB, which was still fine for me. (2) There are basically no taxis you can get at famous sights. Best strategy for me was to buy an IC Transportation Card (metro, bus, etc.) and take a bus. You can buy it at almost every metro or railway station.
  • fang01072
    Location, location, each waiter is very friendly! next time.
  • erin1105
    Good location, very close to the Lake, close to the Line 1 subway transportation is very convenient. hotel's rich buffet breakfast, Nice. inadequate hotel facilities old.
  • linglc
    The room was so small, level of equipment to offer antique, bed next to the window, is not used.
  • lilinplay
    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 20? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  • bobo811021
    Korea customer reaction is good, very close to the West Lake
  • Amélie
    Hotel in very good location, near the Lake and the business district.
  • fivefly520
    Location good, next is Street, various big do has, distance Lake walk five or six minutes that to, because Live has days, every day are rain, so select Lake King room nothing meaning has, self breakfast good, varieties also more, revolving restaurant also can views King. around attractions not is far, bus convenient, but I with of is Shenzhou, than taxi good service or. hotel a layer of restaurant also is affordable.
  • bobopigpig
    Location very convenient, it is a little noisy. room was small, narrow beds, amenities, large bed room suitable for one person.
  • antonty
    First of all, location is very convenient, rooms spacious and clean. the hotel is very good, service very good, catering and entertainment, and so on are good. very good experience. will continue to stay next time.
  • lijunying67
    That's good
  • ludan19890220
    The hotel years ago, those prices, those services are not good today, friendly hotel deserves praise! unexpected satisfaction
  • AS316
    The hotel is very clean, service good? also come after
  • e00581051
    Every time I go to Hangzhou once lived here, the scenery is good, or hotel, the price is right
  • jing_fu
    13/f facility is too bad
  • djj46425203
    Room is too small and a bit noisy on the roadside, soundproofing not. equipment and facilities is relatively old.
  • liwenling61
    Friendly friendly, very friendly ... breakfast buffet is invincible!
  • luwangxiao
    Rooms are old and still have the watermark, wallpaper crack, Feeling cannot match the 4 stars!
  • a512654550
    First-class service, first-class restaurant breakfast. is already the second time, and is my preferred to Hangzhou, again by the end of this month, wants to continue to receive first-class service.
  • Brouillard
    Good location, from the longxiangqiao exit D2, 4 on the road, bus 7. smaller bathrooms, set earlier.